I want you to feel seen, heard, supported and celebrated Mama.
You are the foundation of our future generation. You matter!

I wish for every woman, a joyful transition into motherhood and for every baby, a gentle start into life.

Let’s create a world in which mothers, babies and their families are thriving again.

In remembering our true essence as human beings we can support the most basic needs of mothers and babies.

I believe, the right care and support through pregnancy, birth & postpartum, healthy relationships, community, good food, healing work and pleasure are key to become the thriving mothers we deserve to be.


I provide emotional  Support and Holistic Postpartum and Women's Health Education for Mothers.

(in Swiss-German, German & English)

I believe, becoming a mother is one of the most impactful transitions in a woman's life. It is a sacred initiation. A mother needs to be supported, heard, seen and celebrated - so she has all to resources to tend to her baby’s needs.

Unfortunately the reality for many women in our society looks very different. Some Mothers start their motherhood with carrying traumatic experiences through unnecessary and even violent interventions in birth. Other mothers have their personal power taken away through external authorities. The lack of emotional support and the right care in the postpartum time then, can leave mothers feeling alone and burned out. The journey into motherhood in general, is very medicalized and the spiritual and emotional aspects of the transformation of becoming a mother are not really looked at.
Let’s change this together!

I’m here, to hold space for you and provide holistic postpartum education. I help you to plan for your forth trimester in your pregnancy and support you emotionally and with holistic postpartum and baby care education during your postpartum time and beyond.  I also help you to reconnect with your feminine and reclaim your power afterwards.  

My own experiences and struggles brought me to this work. It is a pleasure to offer this support now to other mothers and their babies. Together we can create the needed change for you, for us & our future generations.


I hold space for women from the time of their pregnancy up to motherhood.

My work is based on:

  • wisdom of traditional postpartum care combined with the knowledge of modern science

  • the natural needs of mother and baby

  • the emotional and spiritual aspects of pregnancy, birth and postpartum

  • creating more wellbeing through connecting to the female nature, nervous system regulation, shadow work, sensuality and self-compassion.

In our online sessions together, Nicole gave me exactly the space I needed as a young mother, to process my birth experience and also to arrive in my new role as mother. I felt heard, seen and wonderfully cared for. At the beginning I didn't know exactly what the sessions will be about, I just felt that there was a gift waiting for me. I warmly recommend Nicole’s work to every woman who also feels the call.

Mirjam R. - Switzerland

"Nicole supported me during my pregnancy with her knowledge as a doula, yoga teacher and mother. With her calm, empathetic and supportive manner, she encouraged me to listen to my innermost being, my intuition. I felt understood in my new situation as an expectant mother and through our work, I was able to express and implement my needs with newly gained confidence. Thank you very much Nicole"

Nicole H. - Switzerland

Let’s create a community to celebrate & support each other.

Let’s get together

Do you have any questions, feedbacks or do you want to get in touch with me? I’m looking forward to connect with you. <3

Together we can create the needed change.
For you, for us and for our future generations.

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