I’m here to support you during your transition into motherhood and beyond.


  • Holistic Postpartum Care

  • Natural needs of Mother and Baby

  • Emotional & Spiritual Aspects of becoming a Mother

  • Creating more wellbeing through connecting to your female nature, nervous system regulation, shadow work, sensuality & self-compassion

My support is for you, if you are pregnant or a postpartum mother and you want to:

  • prepare und plan for your postpartum time (4th Trimester)

  • to go deeper into the spiritual and emotional aspects of becoming a mother

  • learn about traditional postpartum care & the natural needs of mother and baby (Bonding, Breastfeeding, Co-Regulation, Sleep and more).

  • to learn how to create more wellbeing for yourself through nervous system regulation, sensuality, shadow work and self-compassion.

  • connect to your female nature and your menstrual cycle.

or you might currently experience:

  • overwhelm by all the changes the transition into motherhood brings with it.
    In yourself, your relationship and in your daily life.

  • exhaustion and feeling burned out.

  • confusion because of social norms and all the Do’s & Dont’s around pregnancy, birth & motherhood.

The journey from maiden to mother is such a sacred transition for the woman herself AND for her baby. A woman needs to be supported, cared for and well nourished in the postpartum time… And she needs a lot of REST. Unfortunately in our society this is oftentimes not the reality for newborn mothers. I think mostly, because we are not aware of how important this sacred window after birth is for the health of the mother AND her baby.

There is much more happening in the journey into motherhood than we are aware of in our western society - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


It is not normal, that so many mothers experience exhaustion, depletion, anxieties and also depression. But it almost gets looked at as normal because they are so many with those experiences. It was the same for me. But I learned, that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH US MOTHERS! Instead those are signs that we try to mother in a for us dysfunctional environment. Becoming mothers in our western way of living can be very challenging. There is a big lack of support and a lot of forgotten knowledge of how we, as mothers, have to be taken care of in this time. There is also a lot of forgotten knowledge about the innate blueprint of our babies and their natural needs in the first years of life.

But with the right knowledge and preparation so as the right support, emotionally and physically, there is a different way of going through the postpartum time. For the mother, the baby and the family. There is a way in which we can support our natural needs and thrive as a family. This doesn’t mean the journey into motherhood is only a journey full of bliss. Becoming a mother brings everything with it, like Life itself as well. But with being seen and heard, feeling supported and safe, it is a very different experience.

I’m here to support and hold space for you during your journey into motherhood and beyond.


Becoming a mother can also bring our truth deeper longings to the surface. So we can see what we really want in our life and can be more of ourselves.

Though sometimes it can feel challenging to create the desired change. Especially because we are either on our energetic limit already as newborn mothers or we are afraid of the unknown. A lot of us are also conditioned to play small and we oftentimes limit ourselves out of fears. We women collectively carry a lot of feelings of shame and unworthiness. This can hold us back from doing what we really feel called to or taking action for change in a situation  which is not serving us anymore. Or we feel afraid of speaking our truth. Though together we can change this. It is time for us to step into our power. It is truly needed in our world.

I believe in every single woman and her unique essence, so as her own gifts she brings into this world and to her children.

If you feel aligned with my work…

…then I feel so honored to work with you. It is very important to me to create a space for you, where you can fully relax and be your true authentic self. This allows you then, to go deep in your work. It is a space completely free of any judgement. The way you feel or experience is perfectly right, no matter what thoughts & emotions come up. This is your body & soul sending messages for you. Those are the messages we want to listen to.

The consultations take place online via video call. This allows you to be at home and in your most comfy clothes. Depending on your desire and situation, you also can have your little one(s) with or around you.


You will receive updates or news about new offerings, courses or similar. But I definitely won’t spam your inbox. <3

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