…because we need each other to thrive.

We currently live in a time and a system where a lot of mothers and families are lacking support. Most of the newborn mothers are left alone at home with the baby, already in the first days or weeks after birth.


Because of the fact, that my husband and I have our roots in different countries and at the time of my early postpartum time lived in a place with neither of our families and friends around us, I experienced myself how important the support of a community is in this time. Especially also the support of other women and mothers. Their knowledge and wisdom and a space to be seen, held and celebrated.

Our family situation and the searching for our home made us live in different countries in the last years and in all of those places I met such beautiful likeminded mothers. Because of that I’d love create a space, even if it is online, to bring more likeminded mothers together and build a supportive community.

It gives us the opportunity to share, support and celebrate each other.

I’m currently working on creating an online community, which will be NOT on social media. At the moment you can join the free facebook group via the link below. As soon the other online space will be ready I will let you know in this group. <3

This group is for pregnant women and for mothers in all stages postpartum. It is a place free of judgement. A container in which we support, see, feel and celebrate each other. A place where we all can be fully ourselves. To exchange and to grow together.


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